Club Solo i.c.w. M HKA on Supermarket Art Fair, Stockholm 2017

Pim Tieland / Michelangelo Pistoletto

March 23 – 26 , 2017

Supermarket, Stockholm 

For the second year, Club Solo takes part in Supermarket, an alternative art fair representing independent artist run spaces and initiatives, and thus providing opportunities for networking and establishing international crosslinks between initiatives.

Pim Tieland 

Club Solo invited Pim Tieland (1988, NL). Tieland recently turned to sculpting in search of a form of work analogue to his own body and inspired by medieval illustrations of the story of Pygmalion; recognising the physical approach displayed by the mythological Greek sculptor driven by the desire to animate the creation he fell in love with. 

For his latest works – depicting figures in an upside down movement or pose – Tieland takes a similar process of animation and adoration as his starting point, reflecting on the relation between maker and the work as an interaction between a body and a body. 

Considering love and desire as activating, creative forces able to push the boundaries of the self, he sees his working process as a dialogue between projections of his own visual desires and the unforeseen realm and artistic behaviour the sculpture seduces him to work with. 

In response to Pim Tielands work, the M HKA has chosen to exhibit works from their collection by Michelangelo Pistoletto (1933, Italy).

Pistoletto is associated with Arte Povera. He has created an oeuvre that is well known for its formal complexity, as well as for its social ambition. The exhibited works, Intermediterraneo and Red Sea – Love Difference Chairs are components of Love Difference – Artistic Movement for an InterMediterranean Politic, a project reflecting his aim to encourage a closer rapprochement among countries and peoples of the Mediterranean basin. 

On several side-by-side placed chairs, we are presented with the outline of the Red Sea coast. Intermediterraneo shows the area around the Mediterranean Sea on a mirror. It is impossible to experience the work without the inference of your own reflection. You are automatically ‘one’ with the artwork. The sea acts as metaphor for the bringing together of different cultures, in this way mediating between countries, languages, political ideas and religions.

The dialogue Pim Tieland – Michelangelo Pistoletto is interesting in the way that in both works the fysical experience prevails. Their artpieces are bodies with personalities defined in a spatial way. However their actual spatial presence goes further then its actual object-status. They occupy a certain space in which the visitor gets drawn inescapably and in where a fysical conversation starts.

Made possible by Municipality of Breda, BKKC, the Province of North Brabant and Mondriaan Fund.