solo 10 – KARIN ARINK

icw Van Abbemuseum
20 November till 18 December 2016
opening 20 November 3 PM
opening hours Wednesdays-Sundays from 11.00 AM till 5:00 PM

At Club Solo’s tenth solo exhibition, Karin Arink will be showing new work alongside works from the past twenty-five years.

Visit the website of Karin Arink (Delft, 1967), and a voice in the screen will speak out – a ‘me’, who says she wants to show ‘you’, a guest in her world, fragments of her existence. It should be noted that the line between this ‘you’ and ‘me’ fades away quickly: ‘… wat could be me, becoming you, becoming me’.

Karin Arink doesn’t hold back when it comes to removing boundaries and stretching the meaning of concepts. Cloth rags, seemingly strewn about at random, give the impression of bodies. Human, animal, male, or female bodies: as hard as they are to pin down, they are still recognisable. But every time a fold or shadow allows you some foothold, your identification is quickly undercut by a tear in the fabric, a void, or a sudden interruption of the image.

In this exhibition, Karin Arink presents her work in a way that involves the surrounding space. To her, ‘Club Solo’ is a place where collaboration and commonality make room for an artist’s ways of thinking and working solo. That is why her selection and placement of works in this exhibition are grounded in the notions of ‘club’ and ‘solo’.

On the ground floor, the focus is on the communal aspect. These works (some of them made especially for the room) are about connecting, differing, intersecting and allowing room for others. The first floor is centred on the soliloquy, and as a result, on fragmentation, since in the end, no one lives alone. In the hallway, Arink provides a connection between the upper and lower rooms: this is where there’s harmony to be heard.
The choice of Van Abbemuseum
In response to Karin Arink’s exhibition, Van Abbemuseum has picked a work by German artist Franz Erhard Walther (Fulda, 1939).

Just like Karin Arink, Walther’s works are concerned with the body and interaction between the public and private world. His demure objects are made of softly woven fabric; often cotton and linen, like in the selected work Gelber Plastischer Gesang (Einzeln, Zusammen). This is also his most monumental work in the collection of Van Abbemuseum.

Peripheral programme
For each solo exhibition at Club Solo, the peripheral programme is determined by the exhibiting artist. Karin Arink’s peripheral programme is scheduled for Tuesday 29 November. Updates will be posted on our website and Facebook page.

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