18 September to 30 October 2016
opening Sunday 18 September 3 PM
opening hours Tuesday till Sunday from 11 AM to 5 PM

Visual artist Ine Lamers (Wijchen, 1954) takes centre stage in the ninth solo exhibition at Club Solo. Her exhibition will coincide with BredaPhoto International Photo Festival, which Club Solo will also be participating in as a programme partner.

Ine Lamers works with photography, film, and text. Natural and urban space is as much a workfloor to her as a scene. The human condition and urban surroundings are two core themes in her work.  What (utopian) ideas are city plans founded upon? How do people find their place in the city?

In her Club Solo exhibition, Lamers will be showing three projects spanning a development in her work over the course of several years: Collision (London, 1997) and the loose-leaf book London Matters (1998), work from the series Untitled (Rotterdam, 1994 – 1995) and the installation Werktitel: Proyekt Z (2010 – present)

Peripheral programme
On Tuesday 27 September, the film Werckmeister Harmonies (2000) by Bela Tarr will be shown. This film is an important source of inspiration for Ine Lamers, who will give an introductory speech.

M HKA’s response
In response to Ine Lamers’ work, M HKA has chosen to exhibit the photo series Kids and the photograph Polina  by artist Sergey Bratkov (Kharkiv, Ukraine, 1960).
Kids depicts Russian child models, whose parents bring them to modeling conventions in order to find work. Their coquettish attire and Lolita-esque poses suggest a type of subordination and even a sensuality that lies in awkward contradiction with their young age. Bratkov alludes to a harsh, mature world where innocence is lost, all the more pressing knowing that his own daughter is featured in the series, too.