Hotel Solo
11 september t/m 26 oktober

In 2014, the sixth edition of BredaPhoto International Photo festival will be held in the centre of Breda.  The theme of this edition is ‘Songs from the Heart’. For seven weeks, Breda will revolve around photography, with exhibitions of 54 photographers and dozens of lectures, book presentations and activities for all ages.

The festival started as a small-scale and idealistic initiative to bring high-quality photography to a broader, regional public, but quickly developed into a major photo festival that is now internationally recognizable. The 2012 edition welcomed an estimated 50.000 visitors.

In Club Solo you can see work of photographers Tom Callemin, Yoichi Nagata and Martha Kamminga, who graduated from art academy AKV.|St Joost in Breda in 2014.

Tom Callemin’s (1991) photos are theatrically lit against a dark background, creating an ominous atmosphere. Individual photos do not bear names. They all belong to one big series. Newer work is exposed next to old work and vice versa.

Martha Kamminga (1990) builds her own universe in Lapis // I Want to Return to the Real World with three main characters that have their own views on reality. The Truth Hunter, the Fantasy Feeder and The Doubter. The Lapis stone introduces the viewer, an impartial outsider, to the three characters.

For his project Star of Stars Yoichi Nagata (1950) photographed Tokyo’s nightlife. We see people with tattoos, mascara, hair extensions, and combinations of corsets and kimonos. Behind the exuberant clothing, there is a wide diversity of people. Among others, he met a Shinto priest, the owner of a cleaning company, IT workers and students.