Club Solo

Artists’ initiative Club Solo presents solo exhibitions of leading artists. They are an inspiration to several generations of artists. In addition to new work, they also show key works spanning their entire careers. The solo artists also curate the exhibitions: they get total freedom to experiment in the solo exhibition. By doing this, they give the visitor an insight in their work and way of working in a unique way.
Besides this, the solo artists determine the peripheral programme and the content of the publication. Club Solo organises four solo exhibitions each year. The selection of the artists is a joint selection by the core members of Club Solo.

To challenge the solo artists and to put their artistic position into perspective, curators from two museums – Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Antwerp – contribute one work from their museum collection to each exhibition. These works are exhibited in a separate space from Club Solo. The museums are free to choose the reacting work. Prior to the exhibition, conversations take place in the studio of the artist and in the museum between the solo artist and the curator of the Van Abbemuseum or M HKA.

Accompanying each exhibition is a publication that contains an essay on the artist’s work and a review of the work selected from the museum collection. It also has photographs of the exhibition. Each artist directs their respective publication and hand-picks a writer.

For each solo exhibition, a five-print run of multiples is produced. They can be purchased at Club Solo for 250 euros.

Core members

Thomas Bakker
Iris Bouwmeester
Mayke Breukers
Florette Dijkstra
Berry van Gerwen
Leon van den Langeberg
Laurent Malherbe
Anthonie Peeters
Lorelinde Verhees

Raquel Vermunt
Liza Wolters


Leo van Gerven
Ruud Molenaar
Bert Schutter
Gerrit Willems