Cultuurnacht Breda 2016 – Dan Geesin – Josua Wechsler ism MOTI

22 January 2016
7 PM

During the Cultuurnacht Breda 2016, a presentation of Dan Geesin can be seen from 7 pm in Club Solo. During this presentation, a performance will take place. Time schedule will follow.

Besides the presentation of Geesin, the exhibition of the multiple programs can be visited. We can look back on six unique solo exhibitions of Antonietta Peeters, Wesley Meuris, Erik Wesselo, Voebe de Gruyter, Peter Otto and Iris Kensmil. Special for Club Solo, the artists made a multiple in an edition of five. All multiples are brought together and presented in the small hall. The presentation gives an overview of the unique collaboration between Club and solo artists.

This year, Club Solo works together with MOTI and artist Joshua Wechsler (St.Gallen, Switzerland, 1986). The entire month of January, Wechsler builds an installation in the patio of MOTI, which will be unveiled during the Cultuurnacht.

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