Club Solo

With a title like ‘From safety to where? I love the feeling of being slightly lost’, this Kunstvlaai promises experimental art initiatives from the Netherlands and abroad.

For Kunstvlaai 2014, Club Solo will host the work of Tramaine de Senna (1981, San Francisco) with a response to Tramaine’s work from the M HKA. The presentation can be seen in the Europa Suite at the Holiday Inn adjacent to Amstelpark where Kunstvlaai takes place.

Tramaine de Senna shows the work VOM / Vague Object Motifs.   VOM / Vague Object Motifs is a sculpture whose shape melts into the base.
Her shapes are abstract and alienating, but still feel partly familiar because of the relationship they have with Streamline design from the 1940s, which came from aerodynamics. It was initially functional in aerospace and automobile industries, but later became decorative for the design of things like vacuum cleaners and desk lamps.

With the work of Tramaine the Senna as the core of this project, M HKA shows work inspired mainly by the alienating character of her sculptures. The misshapen, almost outer-space creatures from the video work Alien by Minette Vàri (1968, South Africa) and generally strange atmosphere and the pervasive focus on physicality in CPS – 100-0067 – 02 by Dirk Braeckman (1958, Belgium) drew specific attention and determined the choice.

The tenth edition of Kunstvlaai – Platform for Experimental Art Spaces will be held in Amsterdam from Wednesday 21 May till Sunday 25 May.