Club Solo
24 August till 7 September 2014

Antonietta Peeters (Goirle, NL, 1967) graduated from art academy AKV|St.Joost in Breda in 1990, and currently lives and works in Amsterdam. Her work has been presented in group and solo exhibitions on a national and international scale.

Space perception and tactility play a major role in the work of Antonietta Peeters. Her work includes installations, sculptures, textiles, paintings and works on paper. Antonietta will show existing work along with new work at Club Solo.

In the museum hall of Club Solo, M HKA (Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp) will show a number of works from Belgian artist Guy Mees from of their own collection in response to the work of Antonietta Peeters. The work of Guy Mees (1935, Mechelen – 2003, Antwerp) includes paintings, sculptures and paper reliefs, installations and films, in which references to the field of painting are central.

On Sunday 31 August, you can participate in a guided tour through the exhibition and receive more background information about Antonietta, the works and the concept of the exhibition.
The first tour starts at 11 AM, the second at 2 PM; entry is free.


‘Club Solo brings M HKA to Breda.’ BN de Stem did a interview with Antonietta Peeters about her work in relation to her presentation at Club Solo and interviewed Lisa van Gerven (curator M HKA) about the reaction of M HKA.

‘Breda has a place again for contemporary art. (…) The first exhibition in Club Solo is an instant hit, with lyrical abstract work of Antonietta Peeters (1967), supplemented by a little less interesting work of the Belgian artist Guy Mees (1935-2003). In Peeters work, the question keeps coming up: where lies the boundary of painting? In a crocheted? A sheet of paper with watercolor paint?’ – Lucette ter Borg

‘With thanks to the complex space of Club Solo, she can remarkably show a lot of work without becoming too monotonous: this is often a risk when you present ‘only works on a wall in a large open space, solo’. Antonietta mainly showcases more recent work in this show and places these in context with some older works. She clearly hasn’t been standing still and has used several strategies to achieve work.’ – Niek Hendrix, Lost Painters

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