Club Solo

POPPOSITIONS brings international galleries and various art halls together to experiment with the contemporary art market and the concept of an art fair, to provide an alternative to the typical white cube setting. Each year, POPPOSITIONS is organised in a different location in Brussels, where it aims to take an independent, critical position during Art Brussels.

Club Solo has invited Dutch artist Jasper van Aarle (Oisterwijk, 1980) to make a solo presentation for POPPOSITIONS.  M HKA’s response to this comes in the shape of the video installation Will the weather be fine tomorrow (2002) by Chinese artist Liang Yue (Shanghai, 1979).

In Jasper van Aarle’s work, the shapes in which the world shows itself to us are literally treated as expressions of something that is shapeless; a conspicuous force, or “something” in any case, which lacks an appearance that can be known or analysed by man. With his sculptures, drawings and texts, Jasper converts the inner world (his imagination of fundamental concepts such as growth and decline, development and genesis) into outward images that can each be seen and analysed.
The installation that will be shown by Jasper van Aarle during POPPOSITIONS consists of sculptures, drawings and photographs.

M HKA responds to Van Aarle’s work with a video installation, Will the weather be fine tomorrow (2002) by Chinese arist Liang Yue (Shanghai, 1979).
Its title refers to one the most trivial sentences known to people. A sentence we use almost every day, without a great deal of meaning, a conversational crutch. This is the gist of the work. For twenty minutes, someone’s daily life is expressed, described through images. The installation forms a triptych. One screen features the artist. We only see her in her apartment, in one Shanghai’s many blocks of flats. She is involved in everyday activities, like washing her feet and hair. From the artist’s perspective, these activities are not without meaning. Liang Yue has had a fear of washing her hair since she was a child. She is afraid that someone or something may sneak up on her (as she can’t see or hear anything while washing her hair). She checks the doors and windows as a safety measure. Feelings of loneliness and fear emerge.
The other screens reveal Liang Yue’s thoughts, the images that come to her while she is busy doing regular things.

POPPOSITIONS opens on 23 April 5 PM to 10 PM.
From 24 to 27 April, POPPOSITIONS is open from 12 PM to 8 PM.