Club Solo
6 September till 4 October 2015

On 6 September 2015, Club Solo’s fifth solo exhibition will open, focussing on the works of artist Peter Otto (Rotterdam, 1955). The exhibition will show works from 1993 onward, including, among other things, paintings, drawings, sculptures and artist’s books from various art collections.

Otto expresses a strong preference for artists like Philip Guston, Louise Bourgeois and Luciano Fabro. These three names provide a clear context for the visual language he employs.

Otto uses his visual work and publications to look for an insistent way to shape the great questions of life. In his efforts, he concentrates on the metaphor of deep suffering and the way visual art can provide meaning. His work shows a sincere quest for knowledge and beauty in which meaning may be torn away from the object. A quest that can refer to life’s great mysteries and that looks at the depth of a visual and verbal narrative.

In response to Peter Otto’s work, M HKA will show work by Belgian artist Luc Tuymans (Mortsel, 1958) in the museum hall.

Peripheral programme
During the exhibition period, a tour will be given, and on one evening, Otto will furnish a peripheral programme. Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook page for the date and time, or register for our newsletter by emailing us at


‘Peter Otto (1955) is that kind of an artist who actually uses every media without one rivals the other. He paints, watercolors, draws, blows glass and makes sculptures. All of these used media have clear similarities but their way of expressing knows a big diversity. In other words, his solo presentation could also have been a group show with a beatiful intrinsic line.’ – Niek Hendrix, Lost Painters

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