OnderstroomBreda presenteert: White Wine + Dj Nooly

Hotel Solo
9 october
20.30 – 02.00

Hotel Solo offers the perfect place and atmosphere for White Wine, existing out of Joe Haege (US) and Fritz Brückner (Dld).  White Wine is a two piece band with an own sound which they prefer to describe themselves as music that attempts to genuinely blur the lines of genres.
Just to kill time while driving his car, Joe Haege created crazy synth-based melodies and beats which are reconstructed with Fritz Brückner.

Only with a little help from a simple drumkit, a guitar, sampler, Juno keyboard and an insane amount of pedals, they create a balancing act between a bizarre singer-songwriter and a kind of dystopian (look it up) late 70’s synth rock band. Experience yourself in which genre they belong to. DJ Nooly takes care of some great music before and after the wine…

€ 5.00 members
€ 6.50 non-members 

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