Rijksakademie lecture #4 – Pauline Curnier Jardin

12 April 2016
8 PM

still screen – Blutbad Parade-2014- Pauline Curnier Jardin

Club Solo organizes a series of lectures together with residents from the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten (Royal Academy of Visual Arts) in Amsterdam. In these letures, the artists tell about their work in relation to their residency at the Rijksakademie. It is then up to the artist to approach another resident to give the next presentation.

Jay Tan asked the French artist Pauline Curnier Jardin (1980, Pertuis) for the fourth presentation which will take place on Tuesday 12 April. Please notice that the lecture will be given in English.

I Think I will follow this idea, depressing idea indeed, like every time we look at the essential and see how little is the window: I believe that poetry, satire, humour, theater and witchcrafts are a way of reaching the level of empathy and exctasy human needs to survive, and the last way of looking at life as an interressing adventure.

But even there, I’m not sure to succeed.

Through drawing, performance, music, installation, and film, Pauline Curnier Jardin crafts fictional adventures full of chance occurrences and wonders that nonetheless carry with them the potential for mishap or misfortune. Through lighting, color, texture, costume, soundtrack, and props, she creates transgressive, funny, and highly stylized visual settings that owe more to theater than to conventional narrative cinema. Curnier Jardin’s stories reveal a fascination with monsters, decorative objects, and animals, although her work expresses a particular awareness of the roles women have played in mythology, folklore, and conventional narrative cinema, roles that are commonly stereotyped as saint, witch, mother, or mystic.

Her work confounds the logic that divides human and nonhuman, rationality and emotion, sacred and profane, ally and enemy, masculine and feminine, showing instead how each is capable of interacting and combining.

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