SUPERMARKET Stockholm Independent Art Fair

Club Solo

SUPERMARKET is an international art fair that provides space for artists’ initiatives and galleries around the world to create new networks in the international art world. This is the first year Club Solo participates in SUPERMARKET, exhibiting the work of Dutch artist Joost Krijnen (1983, Breda). Van Abbemuseum responds to Joost’s work with Altered book (1996) by American artist Ann Hamilton (1956, Ohio), from its collection.

In Joost Krijnen’s work, lines and colours take on a variety of shapes, with a common motif of the daily routine of drawing, painting, sketching or simply committing lines to paper. Energetic and monumental gestures alternate with quick sketches. Strict, geometric coloured planes are put in perspective by seemingly random first tries. Dissonant and harmonious; it all comes together on paper, where everything interacts.

In the work Altered book by Ann Hamilton, Hamilton continues her study of reading as a form of literal absorption by physically erasing words and sentences. In the meantime, she adds new elements by tearing down and rewriting the pages. She carefully reads every line from the book while at the same time electrically burning off each sentence after it’s been read.

Joost Krijnen inspired Diana Franssen (Van Abbemuseum’s curator) to pick this specific work by Ann Hamilton, because he uses the opposite mechanism. By focussing on the act of drawing, he creates a narrative constructed of a variety of drawings, which he unites into a whole, whereas Hamilton is concerned with the act of reading a narrative by erasing the language.

SUPERMARKET2015 opening hours:
Thursday and Friday 12 PM to 8 PM.
Saturday and Sunday 11 AM to 8 PM.
Feel welcome to visit!

With thanks to the Mondriaan Fund