At Club Solo, we offer a programme called ‘Meet the Artist’ to students of upper secondary education. In this program, we introduce our solo exhibition to the students and we bring them in contact with the exhibiting artist.

During a guest lesson in the classroom and a visit to Club Solo, we deal with different themes and questions related to the exhibition. The pupils explore their views on contemporary art and being an artist. They learn to look, to be critical and to ask questions. The focus is always on their own vision and interpretation.

The aim of the programme is for pupils to experience that art is accessible and that no enormous knowledge is required to look at, think about and enjoy art. The programme costs EUR 1 per pupil.

The programme is in line with the Dutch SLO education core objectives (VO onderbouw) 50 & 52 and contributes to the receptive and reflective capacity. When the programme is supplemented with the class work assignment, it also contributes to the creative ability. Contact us for more information.


Are you looking for a special class or other educational possibilities at Club Solo? Besides our regular programme, we can also organise customised lessons or visits for specific wishes and levels. For example, we like to think about interdisciplinary connections with within the curriculum.


Would you like to visit the exhibition with your class without a guided tour or programme? That is possible! Please contact us prior to your visit to ensure that you get the most out of your visit.

Please note that due to the current measures concerning the Corona virus, Club Solo is currently closed. We hope to welcome back school groups once the current restrictions on the Corona virus (COVID-19) have been lifted..


For bookings and questions, please contact Jolijn Durinck:

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