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Episode 2Viable theories 52 MIN, Dutch spoken

Episode 2

Club Solo presents a podcast symposium in three episodes, as a follow-up to the recently launched book on the future and the artist-run spaces. The language of the first two episodes is Dutch. The third one is in English.

In the second episode, ‘viable theories’, Jack Segbars, Rosa Paardenkooper, and Katayoun Arian are invited. They discuss, among other things, the influence of the pandemic on the art world. Are we looking for more solidarity? Will there be room for new ways of working? Or will we just pick up where we left off, within the same system, in the same roles and with the same production goals?

The moderator of the conversation is Philippine Hoegen, researcher and artist.

The episode concludes with a fragment from a mix-tape by Katayoun Arian: Female Vocalists from Iran. Mey, Gher o Beshkan’. Information about this project and the whole mix can be found on discourse.

Episode 2Viable theories 52 MIN, Dutch spoken